Back on Track

Between work schedule and car troubles I had started to fall behind a little on my wordcount, luckily I had gotten far enough ahead early on I had a little breathing room. Tonight I caught back up and am hopefully heading into a four day weekend. Of course I have homework to do, web pages to maintain, martial arts classes to go to, and a NaNo get together to attend, but I still hope to around double my wordcount before Wednesday. Aiming for 35000 or more by then. Here is a brief excerpt.

"Now most people think that all leprechauns are male. This is not the case though, there are leprechaun women. The problem is that leprechaun women are generally best not seen in broad daylight. For that matter they are usually best not seen in really dim light either. Some had said this explained why leprechaun men all drank so much. Lucky for his father that some human women drank nearly as much as leprechaun men."

On a side note, I have a lifetime membership to the NRA. Now I don't want to get political. Anyone that knows me knows that I avoid being political as much as possible...

At any rate, I got an NRA merchandise catalog today as I do every few months. And guess what this issue had proudly displayed on the cover. NRA Christmas Ornaments. Even I, possessed as I am with a total lack of taste, find that tacky. Nothing conveys the spirit of Christmas or Yuletide, or whatever winter hoilday you celebrate like guns.

"Hey Bubba, bet I can shoot the shiny red nose off of that reindeer over there. "


"Remember, them little elves is fast so yous got to lead them a bit when you shoot. Thems good eating though."

Sometimes its really hard to maintain my rabid right-wing image.