And so it continues...

Nothing spectacular, interesting, or insightful to report, so this will be pretty much like all my other blog posts. NaNoWriMo is coming along ok. I'm a little ahead of where I need to be to keep on schedule, but nowhere near where I had expected to be. Good news is that I will most likely have a four day weekend, so I should be able to do some serious catching up if I can just find my creative stride. I met a couple of the locals at the Wyandotte County Library last night. I was really tired and out of sorts so I didn't stay long, but they seemed like nice people.

The main character in my story runs an Irish Pub, so I have been doing research by hanging out in a variety of Irish Pubs. Its rough work, but there really was no avoiding it.

Kind of a long week at work, my boss is out so I'm mostly working alone which is both very cool because I can listen to music and podcasts while I work and have the office to myself, and kind of hectic just because it seems that three things always go haywire at once and then I have to frantically rush around trying to take care of it. Overall it hasn't been too bad though. Having some car difficulties as well, but hopefully those will be taken care of soon.

I also started back to my martial arts classes this week. With the work schedule and the car trouble, it hasn't worked out very well schedule wise, but that should get better soon. I'm out of shape, but not as incompetent as I had feared that I had become.

Nothing much else to report. Still toying with the podcast idea, if I can get a few key people together over Thanksgiving holiday I may try to do a pilot one then. Most likely won't be up until December though. I will probably be in the NaNoWriMo frenzy trying to wrap things up before the end of the month.