Hunter's Moon

As either of you that read this know, I really love Autumn. The weather has been great lately and I'm getting a little more active. Tonight I took my dog to the park a little before dusk. As it was getting dark I was treated to a pretty spectacular moonrise. Its the Hunter's Moon, the next full moon after the Harvest Moon. It was huge and bright and brilliant. There just seemed something magical about it, for a moment I was just taken with the wonder of it, thinking how it must have been long ago before modern science when people didn't know what that great growing ball in the night sky was. I've never quite decided if knowing what it is makes it more or less spectacular. I mean the reality of it is thats its just a big ball of dirt and rock reflecting light from the sun. Yet the fact that even knowing that it can still fill me with awe gives me a bit of pause. Tonight as it hovered over the tree line it looked like it wasn't so far away, like it was reachable. I mean it still looked far away, but I'm talking Nebraska far, not a couple of hundred thousand miles far. Overall I'm just glad I can still feel a little wonder and magic despite the rational side of mind keeping tabs on what is going on.