Night of Ghosts and Shadows

Yesterday was the first day of Autumn, but tonight surely felt like it. A series of impressive thunderstorms moved through the area last night and early this morning. I was on my way home from work around 3:00 am and got quite a show of ominous clouds illuminated by lightning before the rain cut my visibility down to next to nothing. Tonight I came home much earlier, but it was already dark. The clouds were thick and there was mist and fog, but there were still a number of people out on the roads going about their Friday night business. I loved it, this is my favorite time of the year. It was blessedly cool after a long, long stretch of hot weather, and I've never been a sun worshiper, give me the night anytime. I think the fact that its getting dark earlier is what really made me feel the difference though. I'm out after dark frequently, but I'm usually one of the few about. But tonight there was nearly as much activity as you normally see during the daylight. I think it kind of gave everything a surreal feeling as if normal society was trespassing on my private little world. Thats actually a good thing in its way, since it quite often feels the other way around. I came home and drank Ballylarkin and homemade blackberry wine while dancing around the kitchen to Gaelic Storm as a celebration of the new season. A scary of enough mental picture for those that know me, but still better than dancing naked in the woods.