The life and near death of Brigid

I'm the owner of a somewhat hyper dog named Brigid. Got it from the shelter, not sure what breed it is other than its obviously got some kind of wire hair terrier in its makeup. Now I'm a dog lover, but had always had a pretty firm rule about not ever getting a terrier as a pet. But like my hair, reasonable waistline, and dignity, after 1o years of marriage its all gone. My wife wanted a terrier, and because part of my marriage vows involved the removal of my spine, we have a terrier. Granted, its a cute dog and has its endearing qualities, but its also somewhat hyper and a general pain to deal with at times.

Last night was one such time. Usually about the time I'm drifting off to sleep Brigid decides its time to lick my head. I shave my head and something about the texture of stubble on my noggin seems to appeal to her. She is quite persistent in doing this, and I generally have to beat her with a magazine to deter her. Last night after a couple of good smacks on the snout she finally gave up and jumped off the bed. I managed to drift back to sleep.

About an hour later I'm ripped suddenly from sleep by a loud yelp followed by various crashing noises and finally some whimpering. Turns out the genius hound had decided to occupy her time by chewing on the power cord to my fan. It wasn't quite as dramatic as the scene fron National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation where the cat chewed through the cord on a string of lights and went poof. But it was still a pretty jarring experience, and I'm sure even more so for the dog than for me.

I could be naively optimistic and assume that Brigid has learned her lesson about chewing on power cords, but I know better. Now the question is do I let Darwin's Theory triumph, or do I try and find a way to get all the power cords in the house protected from the canine circuit-breaker?