Vacation Time

Vacations are great if you know how to handle them. The theme too often seems to be to plan way too much and make yourself crazy trying to accomplish it all. Its often much better just to relax and take things easy. You probably want to do something, go somewhere, get some important stuff done around the house, etc. Just something so you don't feel like you completely wasted your time away from work, but don't over do it. I'm finding myself somewhere in the middle of this. Every year I take off to go to a large SCA event called the War of the Lilies. Its the largest event in the SCA Kingdom I reside in, and only about 45 miles from where I live. I find myself having a harder and harder time getting into it anymore though. The weather is always hot, often humid, rainy, and muddy, and as I grow older I find that my allergies are getting worse and worse. Its hard to summon the energy to go slog around in the mud while sweating and sneezing and being dined on by a plethora of insects and ticks.

This year so far has gone better than usual in some ways though. My lady and I actually got our camp setup without coming near divorce, this is a huge improvement over previous years. So far our tents have weathered the numerous storms as well. I've not spent that much time on site. Been back at home rearranging furniture and making a few changes around the house that will hopefully make life a bit more pleasant. Will head back out to the camp for the last few days of the event when things have dried out a bit.

Nothing earth shattering as vacations go, but not terribly stressful, which is the whole point.