My MP3 Player is in New Jersey

Yesterday I ordered a Creative Muvo mp3 player. I have a 6-7 year old Creative Nomad MG player, which while still functional is way behind the times. It has 128MB of memory, about 2 hours of battery life, and its getting harder and harder to convince XP to talk to it to load music. I decided it was time for something new, so I settled on the Creative Muvo 1GB. I wanted a flash based player as opposed to a hard drive based one. I can't see a hard drive surviving the rough treatment I give these things. The main reason I opted for the Muvo as opposed to the much cooler iRiver players is that it requires no drivers. You plug it in like a flash drive and just drag and drop muisc to it. No annoying media managing software, pure simplicity. This means it will aslo work on my linux system, and that it can double as a data drive. Of course once I placed the order online I received the confirmation of shipping and a UPS tracking number. I can now track my player's progress across the country. And I do, several times a day. This is some kind of bizzare obsessive compulsive behavior that I don't quite understand. I know when its scheduled to arrive, why I bother checking to see where it is now is just kind of ridiculous, yet I do. I personally believe its all part of the malevolent AI that is growing in the internet training humans to do its bidding. In 20 years or so we will probably all be conditioned to "serve the machine" and form some kind of symbiotic (yet subservient) bond with our elctronic equipment. I just hope when we do it will still tell me where my stuff is.