Comic Book Story

Commander Sparky from Planet Sparky is basically working on getting a comic book published. He is a really talented artist and I'm looking forward to seeing what he produces. He asked me to write a story for it, something that would be included as a short story. I was honored to be asked, but a little hesitant. I do a lot of writing, but I don't generally share it with anyone (which leads me to wonder why he as the impression I'm a good writer since nobody but me has really read any of my stuff). I also rarely manage to actually finish a story, my stuff turns into novel length stories wihtout ever actually wrapping up. Nonetheless I made the effort and after much derision of my own work I finally produced something that I didn't feel totally sucked and delivered it to him. He seemed happy with the work, so I may actually end up with something in print, which will be kind of cool. He has already asked if I have ideas for future stories, which I kind of do. Will be interesting to see where this goes.