Stuff and more Stuff

The site is coming along ok. Fairly happy with how things look. The only real difference between Firefox and IE is that the borders along the side of the pages only show up as a little black box in the top middle of the screen under IE. Still trying to figure a way around that. Spent the day working in the yard, digging to bury drainage conduit, and digging to plant trees and bushes. Lot of work, and I'm not use to it so I'm very sore now. But in its way it beat sitting in front of the computer all day. Was a nice day out and hopefully all the work I put into planting stuff will pay off with some nice looking plants and some decent berries eventually. This is my first real attempt at gardening, so it may all be for nought, but only time will tell. If things work out not only will I have a much cooler looking yard, but I will also have plum cherries, blackberries, and possibly blueberries straight from the yard I can use for baking and brewing. It will most likely be next year before I actually see any fruit, but thats ok, mostly I just wanted to make the place look nicer. I've always liked the kind of overgrown home look, where vines and flowers kind of take over a yard. Perhaps it was all inspired by my neo-pagan leanings, wanting to feel a connection to the land. Despite being known as something of a right-winger I've always been a closet tree-hugger. This all got started when I subscribed to the Mother Earth News. I love that magazine, mostly because I've always dreamed of living "off the grid" in some remote place in a less than conventional home. Once I subscribed I started getting bombarded with gardening catalogs and the like. Not sure why that doesn't bother me as much as spam. Also ironic the amount of paper these "green" organizations waste sending out junk mail. At any rate, I finally gave in and started ordering plants. I also joined the Arbor Day Foundation, which will be sending me a bunch of trees over the next few months, no idea what I will do with those, not much room here. I started just ordering some hedge to plant around my dog kennel, figured it would keep it from being such an eyesore, but I kind of went overboard and got a ton of stuff, and am already considering getting more. Hopefully my home won't look like a giant Kudzu has taken over in a year or two.