CSS Madness

Been working on the new site design, and its not going well. I had, at one point not long ago, thought I had a pretty good handle on CSS. As it turns out, this does not appear to be the case. Of course it may just be Microsoft that doesn't have a very good grasp of it. I do my layouts and check them out with Firefox, they look fine. But when I go to IE, they look nothing like I want them to. So I dowlnoaded Opera, my site looks fine under it too, 2 out of 3 browsers agree. Its all very frustrating. CSS has emerged as this new standard to free web designers from many of HTMLs shortcomings. Its an actual standard defined by the W3C, World Wide WEB Consortium. And yet the most common web browser in the world refuses to properly support it. So web designers are faced with the option of designing pages that are poorly coded and clunky so they will look right in IE, or designing them correctly and risking that a large majority of visitors will not see what the designer intended.

If IE had any other redeeming features maybe you could forgive them for not getting around to properly supporting the web standards. Maybe they spent so much time building a secure browser that they just didn't have enough time to build support for something as fundamental as properly rendering a webpage. Must be something like that. And guess what, they aren't planning on supporting it in IE 7 either. MS apparently has more important things to do.

For this site it doesn't really matter, if it works in Firefox that is good enough for me. There aren't many visitors, and its not important that things look perfect. I guess its just that I continue to be amazed at what we accept from companies like Microsoft and Oracle that shove their products down our throats, extort money from us for the privilege, and don't even bother to make sure they work right. Two hundred years ago that kind of behavior would find you swinging from a tree somewhere.