Valentine's Day Massacre...

and the hapless victim is... my bank account.

What a ridiculous holiday. I'm all for romance and showing your appreciation for the one you love, but this is simply one more excuse for the great commercial marketing machine to seperate more of my hard earned money for me. In my household I do most of the cooking and housework. I can't remember the last time my wife made me a meal. I had to go to the store a couple of nights ago to get something to make dinner with, so she fixed herself somehting to eat but nothing for me. Yet if I don't cough up big bucks to send her flowers on this special day I'm the jerk. None of the other stuff I do counts for anything if I fail to make the appropriate sacrifice.

And really, thats what it is, a sacrifice. Just like slaughtering your finest calf and burning it for the gods. I must take perfectly good money and buy a bunch of flowers that will die and be thrown away in a few days. All to show my love and devotion. In the past I have usually bought jewelry. With jewelry there is at least somehthing of lasting value to show, something I could hawk or give to a future girlfriend if my wife died. But no, that isn't good enough, it has to be flowers delivered to her workplace so she can prove to all her coworkers how thoroughly whipped her husband is.

Holidays have completely lost any meaning to me, except that I will be out of money by the end of them.