It's the end of the world as we know it

My wife rented the Day after Tomorrow over the weekend. I had advised her not to waste money on such a ridiculous movie, but surprise surprise, she didn't listen. A while back I had the brilliant idea of moving my computer into the living room so we could spend more time together. I rarely leave my computer desk, and she rarely moves from in front of the Tivo, so when I had a seperate computer room we didn't see much of each other. Since the move I have been subjected to more drivel on television and the DVD player than I thought possible. We are a civilization without culture or taste, I can't help but think that our society is nearly at its end. Even so, that isn't what this rant is about. The Day After Tomorrow was a movie about an apocalyptic climate shift brought about by the United States ignoring the warnings of a bunch of environmentalists. We had to evacuate the country to Mexico to escape the great cataclysm. Now, despite being a closet tree hugger, I just find this kind of stuff ludicrous. This was nothing more than a poorly constructed political propaganda piece. Which is really a shame, because I love a good apocalyptical movie. Red Dawn, Mad Max, Six String Samurai, etc. Movies with no political agenda, no deep hidden messages, just straight forward end of the world goodness.

It seems so odd to me living in a world where the USSR is not the biggest threat on everyone's minds. As a teenager I remember being firmly convinced that the world I knew would end in a great nuclear holocaust. Sometimes I even hoped for it, believing that a return to a brutal survival of the fittest world would be better that the banal mediocrity of the "civilized" world. Looking back through more mature eyes, more capable of imagining the horrors of war and destruction, I am glad I did not get my wish. Yet I do sometimes wish something would happen to shake us out of our oblivion. There is so little opportunity for greatness of character in our bland corporate world. No great challenges, no joy, no fear. Just a numbing sameness, day after day.