More Snow

Another snow storm throwing KC into chaos. The hype didn't seem quite as bad as last time, of course I haven't watched the news, or any regular tv for over a week, so perhaps I'm just not hearing it. The University I work for cancelled its evening classes and everyone went home. I stayed to get some work done on the network and servers. The life of a sysadmin is always fun. Actually it works out well. I get to miss the bad traffic with all the idiots, hopefully the roads will be better when I finally head home. And as a bonus I get to stay home tomorrow to make up the time, not a bad deal.

Still, its kind of spooky here alone at night. All kinds of strange sounds and weird shadows. I'm used to it, but you still get that feeling of being watched once in awhile.

I need the break tomorrow anyway, spending too much time banging my head against a wall trying to keep poorly designed legacy systems up and running. That usually isn't that bad, but I haven't had much success for the last week with some of the major problems I'm facing, and I hate feeling like I'm just spinning my wheels. If this stuff was easy they wouldn't need me, hopefully some breakthroughs will come before too long.