First snow of the season here. One of those record setting snowfalls that everyone predicted would be a couple of inches. Its very heavy and wet, but everything looks beautiful. With a rare bit of luck I don't have to be out in this since I have the day off, so I can just stay safe at home and enjoy it. I've always loved winter, though it has seemed ludicrous to me that more businesses don't close during this kind of stuff. What is so important that we all go out and risk our lives driving in bad conditions? At any rate, after a long cool summer it looks like we may be getting a start on an early winter. Which isn't altogether a bad thing. This was the first time my dog, Brigid, has seen snow. It was quite funny watching her try to decide if she would go out in it or not. Her trepidation did not last long however and she quickly found it was both edible, and fun to play in.