Great Mecca of Commercialism

I’m getting to spend a few days in Minneapolis, Edina actually, for work. Kind of cool, I’ve often considered this as one place I may want to move to if I ever get to escape from Kansas City. While New England is my first choice, and the Pacific Northwest my second, the Minneapolis area is a not too distant third. Unfortunately I will most likely not have time to go and see the things I’m really interested in, which would be the surrounding countryside, and perhaps some more rural areas. However I did get to go to the Mall of America. It’s a kind of cool place in a very crass commercialized way. It’s basically a huge, four story mall, with its own amusement park inside. Besides the amusement park there isn’t much there you won’t find in other malls across the country. It’s just that there is so much there and such a grand scale that it is impressive. I think there were enough shoe stores to provide footwear to everyone in America for years to come.

One thing that was really driven home by this trip though was there is very little difference from one city to another. Any commercially developed area anymore has pretty much the exact same set of stores and restaurants. I can see very little in this area that tells me I am in Minneapolis as opposed to Kansas City. After driving seven hours to get here, it just seems there should be something unique. That is one reason I do prefer small towns and more rural areas, they at least may have a personality or feel to them that differs from one place to another.

At any rate, it’s at least a break from the norm for me.