Election 2004

Still waiting to see who the next president will be. I seem to be a lot more interested in politics than most of my friends, so there is a certain amount of excitement in this. Right this moment it looks like Bush is in the lead, but things are still close. I am a Bush supporter, so I hope he wins and wins clearly enough that we can escape the mess of last election. I however doubt that will happen, there are just too mnay accusations being thrown around out there about voter fraud and "disenfranchisement" of voters. If Bush wins, the election will surely be contested. Much as the democrats seemed to have learned that if they can't get a law passed in congress they can usually get it created by judicial edict, they will apply the same kind of methodology to the election. If they don't get the outcome they want, sue. I of course hope that the republicans would hold to higher standards, but I don't have an overwhelming sense that they will. I think Bush will be better for the country than Kerry, but more and more I find myself wondering what the difference between the two parties are.

I actually didn't even vote for Bush this time around. I voted for the libertarian candidate Badnarik. He had no chance, but I figured the state I lived in was most surely going with Bush, so voting libertarian wouldn't hand the electorals to Kerry, and I find myself much more in line with libertarian thinking than either republican or democrat. Just wish they had a viable candidate.

Oh well, I hope I know who won by the time I go to bed, but my guess is we may not know for months. I've already heard many stories about ballot problems and people not being allowed to vote. I really believe the vast majority of these are caused by stupid people. There is this huge drive to get people that wouldn't normally vote out to vote, and that causes problems. If the person wasn't motivated, responsible, and intelligent enough to get registered and get to the polling place on their own, maybe having them vote isn't such a good thing. Its no real suprise that those that interrupt their zombie-like trance of watching Oprah and Springer to go try to vote for people they know nothing about may run into some problems with a very simple procedure.

The whole political process is turning into a huge joke. I think the single best thing we could do to imprve politics in this country is to outlaw political polling. I am so sick of the politicians on both sides of the isle forming their entire campaigns around opinion polls. How about some leadership, how about making a decision ecause you belive its the right thing to do instead of because the polls show it will be favored by the great unwashed masses. We need people that will say what they mean and do what they say. Let the election be all the poll you need.