Networked Solitaire

Occasioanlly when my brain vapor-locks I kick back for a moment and play some solitaire on my computer. A bit of mindless activity often seems to get those synapses firing again. Tonight I decided to take a break from the mental strain of actually learning to become a decent programmer and web designer as opposed to just winging it. When I fired up Microsoft's premiere bit of software, Spider Solitaire, it popped up a window asking for the password to my network file server.

I'm trying to understand this, why would solitaire need access to my file server? Do the royal cards kill time by sorting through my mp3 collection? Perhaps the operating system wants to check and make sure I don't have an ace up the network drive. Now I've verified this behavior and several computers, so its an XP thing, not a virus or spyware. If I refuse to give it the password to my server it tells it cannot map the network drive and goes on and runs the game, but I think it cheats out of spite, I've only won 49 out of 1403 games.

As much as I dislike Microsoft, I usually don't buy into all the conspiracy theories that run rampant over the internet. However I find a solitaire game trying to access my file server suspicious at the least. Not only is Big Brother watching, he is also evidently holding all the cards.