I was just watching a clip from the Republican National Convention and it showed a time between speeches when music was playing and all these people were dancing and having a good time. Nothing wrong with that, except they all looked completely ridiculous. Most of these were uptight overweight middle aged people. Nothing wrong with that either, I myself am an uptight overweight middle aged person, but you won't catch me dancing on national tv.

My wife always wants me to dance, but I really hate to look that silly. This comes from a guy that dresses up in armor and fights with sticks that are covered in duct tape, but I still think dancing looks too silly. That should tell you something (if anyone figures out what, let me know). But I think pretty much everyone looks silly while dancing. The only exception is beautiful women, but I suspect they still look silly and its just that when I watch them dance hormones hi-jack the part of my brain that passes judgement of silliness and taste.