And yet another Wife story

Today we were taking our van to uhaul to get a trailer hitch installed. I was to drive the van to uhaul, my wife was to follow, then we would go to lunch at the Mediteranen Market a few blocks up the stree. It seemed a simple plan.

This however does not take into account the fact that my wife is never content to drive safe and sane. She must be ahead of everyone and likes to change lanes back and forth, apparently at random. So it was that she decided I wasn't going fast enough and passed me by on the way to uhaul. When I finally arrived she was nowhere to be found. I went inside and waited in a line a bit to give my keys to the lady at the counter and confirm the work I was having done. When finally done I went back outside, and still no wife. I waited a few minutes and thought maybe she had misunderstood and went to the market first. We both have cell phones, so I tried to call her, but no answer, I left a message telling her I was heading to the market.

I walked the few blocks to the market, and still no sign of my wife. I tried to call her again, but still no answer. I waited around for another 15 minutes and finally tried to call her again, this time she answered and I found that she was waiting outside of uhaul for me. Turns out she had missed a turn, got stopped by the police because the temporary tag in our new car didn't look right, and finally made it back to uhaul, where seeing the van she assumed I was still inside. Why her phone had not worked the first two times, I have no idea. Why she never noticed the message light, I have no idea. Why she didn't try to call me to let me know she was running late, I have no idea. Why the simple act of following someone somewhere had to be so complicated, I have no idea. Rushing ahead of me served no purpose since she would just have to wait for me anyway.

I guess its part of her baby-boomer me first attitude. Something I haven't been able to relate to since leaving high school.