For the last several years my favorite television channel has been TechTV. It was a channel dedicated to technology, computers, games, geek culture, and just about anything else tech related. It accounts for around 75% of my television viewing.

Not long ago the word came out that Comcast was going to purchase TechTV and merge it with their G4 channel, a channel dedicated to computer gaming. I used to watch G4 on occasion, it had some fun shows from time to time. But it lacked any real depth. Its focus was very narrow, as was its target audience. It was basically aimed at teenage boys. For the most part the hosts seem to be in their late twentys, but trying ever so hard to be hip and edgy. It all seems contrived. There is little in the way of serious discussion, and juvenile fart jokes seem to be the height of humor on G4.

Even though TechTV had a much larger viewership than G4, Comcast has gone about gutting TechTV. Even though some of TechTV's shows are going to cross over, it will be with different staff to a large extent different hosts. While its too early to say for sure, the impression I get is that TechTV is pretty much gone and all that remain is a dumbed down mess aimed at 15 year old boys with short attention spans and no care for anything but being "1337".

In the world of television, that seems to largely be dominated by the so called "Reality" shows, home decorating shows, and a bunch of cookie cutter sitcoms, TechTV was one of the few places techies could go for some shows that were informative and entertaining. Strike one more up for Gen-X, dumbing down society one show at a time.