Time Warner Monopoly

Well it hasn't taken long to get thoroughly disgusted with Time Warner again. The digital cable and DVR I got a couiple of days ago isn't working. They can't get the DVR to activate and the digital cable is so pixelated that is unwatchable. They can't give me an actual time someone can come out and fix it, so my only option is to miss work and stay home and wait, or sit around all weekend waiting for them. Work is a little too important to blow off to wait for the cable guy so it looks like there goes a chunk of my weekend. Wouldn't be a huge deal, but this was one of the reasons I got rid of digital cable in the first place, thought I would give them another chance, seems like it was a mistake.

The big problem though is I have no other choice, there is no other cable or high speed internet provider that services my area. Without competition there is no reason Time Warner to improve their service. Satellite may be an option, which I am checking into, though I will most likely have to keep them for broadband since satellite broadband is too expensive for to little bandwidth.

Of course the better course of action would be to become a luddite. Technology has become something of an addiction to me, and it seems to take ever increasing doses of it to get any thrill. I must have the fastes, shiniest, most led encrusted device just to feel alive. Logic or reason has no place when it comes to the attraction of computers and gadgets. For the most part I think my life would be better without TV, and probably wihtout internet as well. I may give up TV, if I could ever get my wife to give it up I think I would jump at the chance, but I'm not sure I could make it without high speed internet access.

My name is Jason Dozier, and I'm a techaholic.