Slave to the Media

I finally broke down and got digital cable again, its really a waste for just two cahnnels, but I was really missing TechTV and BBC America, it seems there should be someway to just get the channels you want without having to pay for the all the other junk. I know you can, but that would take money away from the cable companies that can charge extra for the privilige of having 200 channels of utter crap.

Continuing with the theme of being a media whore, I rented Old School and Death to Smoochie. Quite a mixed bag. I'm actually a Will Farrel fan, however Old School just sucked. No plot, nothing new in the way of juvenille humor, and no characters worth caring about.

Death to Smoochy on the other hand was pretty good. Not quite what I was expecting, but a good off the wall comedy.

I don't know if I'm simply jaded or what, but I find myself enjoying fewer and fewer movies, most of hte newer ones I don't even bother to see. Since the Matrix it doesn't seem you can have a fight scene without the totally stupid freezing and spinning around in the air camera shots. It worked in the Matrix and nowhere else that I can think of. Since speed every action movie has to be this all out insane car chase scene with no plot or redeeming characters.

Oh well, at least I have TechTV