I'm Wrong

In a few weeks I will have been married 8 years. 8 years, roughly 25% of my life to this point. Its been quite an experience to say the least. However one thing stands out far above all else in my mind, one lesson has be repeatedly drilled into my head. That lesson quite simply stated is, "I'm Wrong".

Never mind the subject, past experience, evidence, facts, or common sense; I'm wrong. Think I know how to park, nope. Think I can pitch a tent, not a chance. Think I can navigate across town, no way. I'm wrong. No argument, I'm just wrong.

Today I reached a new height of wrongness. I came home from work and my wife asked me what we were going to do for dinner. Well I had no plans, I told her I would probably just heat up some hamburgers. She said that would be fine, she just wanted a hamburger with some ketchup on it. So I went to prepare dinner, not a huge hardship, though considering the fact I had just got home from work and she had been home all day I wondered why it was my responsibility to fix food for her. I would think she would have a little more time and engery to deal with that than I did, but of course I was wrong.

So I microwaved some previously grilled and frozen hamburgers, slapped them on a bun and put some ketchup on them and took them to her. She informed me that she only wanted the meat, not the bun, that a hamburger by definition was just the meat, not the bun. Now I can't ever remember having gone to a restaurant and ordering a hamburger and having just got a beef patty with no bun. I can't remember ever having had to order a hamburger with a bun. I thought that the common use of the word hamburger, as it relates to a meal, was the entire package, meat, bread, and whatever else you put on it. But Guess What, I'm wrong.

Don't laugh, odds are that so are you.