Goodbye SCA Part II

Well, I have a week to reflect on deciding to cut the SCA out of my life, and as is the case with many such hasty decisions, perhaps it was the wrong one. Its been too much a part of my life for too long to simply cut it out. I enjoy doing things like making armor and fighting too much just to quit doing it.

There is much having to do with the SCA that I enjoy, the only thing I really seem to have problems with is the actual events. Now it may seem odd to continue dealing with the trappings of SCA life and culture wihtout actually participating in it, but for now that would seem to be the answer for me. Most likely at some future point down the road I will try to get active again and see how it goes. It will needs a lot work for me physically (most of the big events seem to be held during the hottest parts of the year and I just can't hack the heat, gotta get my endurance up), and between me and my wife so maybe we can last more than 15 minutes at an event without trying to kill each other.