The Upswing

Guess I'm feeling a little better, mentally at least. Sick as a dog the last week, my traditional summer cold, but I've actually done a bit of writing again in the last few days, nothing major, but its a start, and it leaves me more satisfied then just wathing tv or playing everquest. I turn off the tv, fire up the XMMS MP3 player and let the words just tumble out.

Switching more and more of my computer use back to Linux as well, I had been seduced by XP, but too much I'm seeing and hearing tells me MS is up to its old tricks again, I want to have control of my computer so its time to get back into my rabid support for Open Source Software. I really think KDE is a better GUI than anything MS has to offer, if it only supported my favorite games and a couple of media formats I routinely use it would be perfect. Oh well, maybe it will before long.

Well, enough for now. Time to get some sleep, dentitst appointment tomorrow, yeah.

Vacation in less than 2 weeks.

That is all.