I should be asleep

I think insomnia runs in the family. Not that its always a bad thing. Earlier this year I suddenly got over my chronic insomnia for a couple of months. It was interesting being well rested for awhile, but I actually found that I felt my days were too short, that I had spent too much time sleeping. Now, while I'm kind of tired I have plenty of time to do things. Of course there are so many things that I want to do that more often than not I just sort of spin my wheels and end up doing nothing.

Tonight I was going to get some writing done, instead I've sat here for a few hours listening to comedy songs and looking at pictures of Maine and my pets. Not a real productive night. Not that writing is either, but at least I feel I accomplished something when I can get a couple of pages done.

Oh well, there is always tomorrow, ....I hope.....