Life the Universe and Everything

I'm sure the two people that read this have nothing better to do than listen to me bitch (thats not sarcasm, I really do know the people reading this have nothing better to do with their lives), but I'm just having one of those days.

I'm at work at 10:00 pm on a Friday night, nothing unusual there, I have to work every Friday night. The part that sucks is that I also have to work every Saturday morning. Worse than usual now since the school I work at has a class scheduled til 11:00, and they never get out on time so I have to be here even later. Gets real old after awhile, I work late every night, but Saturday I'm expected to be up and here first thing in the morning to open the labs. But hey, sleep is for the weak right? Of course the day lab managers don't actually come in at 7:00 in the morning during the week when the labs open, but me and the other assistant lab manager are expected to be here every night til they close and every Saturday morning when they open.

Its still the best job I've had, but there are certain things that annoy the hell out of me, gets tiring after two years of working evenings and weekends, having to take vacation time if I want to do anything with family or friends. I'm anti-social by nature, but I would prefer to be a hermit by choice, not just because I have to work bizarre hours.

Not that there is much reason to be home right now. My wife has gone to St Louis with a friend because she didn't want to make the drive alone. We are broke because my wife has been out of work for a month, (she knew 45 days ahead of time she was being laid off but didn't bother to look for a job until it happened). She also usually won't drive across town to have dinner with me because its to far to go (20-25 miles), but she can take off to St Louis (250+ miles) for three days because someone else doesn't want to drive alone. Marriage is a wonderful thing. Trying to pay the bills while married is even better.