Today I watched a group of Iraqis (aided by a US armored vehicle) pull down a stature of Saddam Hussein in the main square in Baghdad. A lot of people said we shouldn't have gone to Iraq, some even have gone as far to say the Saddam was a better more humane leader than Bush. This is America, and people have the right to say whatever they want, no matter how assinine it is. While I realize not everyone in Iraq may be thrilled with the US, it was pretty evident that at least some are. I was very proud to be an American today, we brought a chance at freedom to a lot of people that had lived their lives under an oppressive dictator.

While the new high tech style of war means the conflicts we are seeing are short and decisive and not nearly as long or difficult for our troops as wars of the past have been, I still feel for our troops. They are seperated from their families, over risking their lives in uncomfortable conditions, to save a land and a people not their own. I washed out of the military rather quickly, and I have nothing but respect for those tough enough to make that commitment and make the sacrifices to be a soldier.

I hope that the Iraqi people manage to get a government that will allow them freedom. I also hope the world realizes just how completely irrelavent France and the UN are. The US did what had to be done, and we don't need the UNs permission to do so. France can protest all it wants, but does anyone really care what they have to say anyway?