Nothing to Say

Ok, my brother, DOZ keeps giving me grief about not updating my blog, problem is I really have nothing to say. Everything is about the same, work is busy, classes are time consuming, never enough time to do what I want. Nothing terribly bad, nothing terribly good, mostly just the same. Nonetheless, here are some insights into my mind numbingly boring life for the two people that may actually read this.

Biggest issue is my wife got laid off from her job, money will be even tighter until such time as she can find a job again. Hopefully that will be soon.

School is kind of boring, but thats mostly because I've just been taking GenEd courses until I decide what I want to be when I grow up. I work at DeVry and get to go to school for free (besides books and lab fees). I want to take their computer engineering technology program, but I've been hesitant to do so for political reasons. It means I would be taking classes from professors I work with and for, which seems kind of strange, though I doubt it would be a problem with most of them. I also worry thay people will not make any distinction between when I am at work vs. when I am at school. I manage the electronics lab, and I fear that I will never get left alone long enough to do any of my own labs while I'm there. So I've been taking geneds online and planning on pursuing the CIS course online as well, but I think I may just take the plunge and jump into the CET program next term (in July) and see how it goes. I'm desperately bored with what I'm doing and would love to get my hands back in the wiring.

Getting back into fighting in the SCA, or at least trying to, I find that the years of inactivity have really taken their toll, I'm too fat and out of shape to do much. I can fight half-way decent for a few minutes, then I over heat and tire out. Almost done with new armor, but the coolest armor in the world aint going to help me if I can't get some weight off and increase my endurance.

Anyway, guess that is a long enough post for someone with nothing to say.