I use to wonder why most people in managerial positions seemed like real jerks, now I know. I am now in my third go round of being a low level manager, and there has been one consistent factor each time, people are generally useless. I make a lousy manager, a fact I'm almost proud of. My view of management is that they should define some goals, then give their workers the tools needed to accomplish them, no micromanagement, no heavy handed policies, just get out of the way and let the employees do their best. The problem with this is that it depends on people having some kind of work ethic. That is where it all breaks down. While there are some noteable exceptions, it seems the majority of those I've attempted to manage really don't want to put forth a whole lot of effort. Often they can't be bothered to show up, and when they do they try their best to make sure work does not interfere with more important activities like watching pirated movies and downloading illegal mp3s. I guess the idea that people might actually work to produce that stuff and have some expectation to get paid for it is alien to them.

None of this comes as a big suprise to me, just a huge disappointment.

I hope that someday I can get out of any kind of managment role, and into my dream job, Ninja Technician. I would be some guy that hides down in the basement of a big corporation. Notification of problems would come to me via email, or in case of a network outage, a pneumatic tube. I would move unseen through the air ducts and wiring spaces, fixing network problems, applying software patches, resetting passwords. My presence would be detectable only by the absence of computer problems. Men would fear me, women would long for the mysterious stranger that defragged their drive in the night.

I would be a shadow in the system, neither managed nor managing,

Life would be good.