The fun continues

Having already spent about $500 dollars on car repairs and vet bills this week (see post below) I was kind of hurting financially. Tonight I come home to find my dog with a big bloody spot on his side. Of course it was too late to take him to the regular vet so I had to take him to a 24 hour emergency vet clinic. Turns out he had some kind of infected wound or possibly a spider bite that had festered and finally burst open, very disgusting. And another $130. At this rate I may have to eat the dog just to survive the week.

If it wasn't something like a spider that bit my dog I have no idea what else it may have been, my dog weighs 136lbs, he is bigger than many adult people I know, there aren't many animals around here that would risk getting close to hims.

Oh well, hopefully I will make it to the next paycheck and hopefully he will get better.