Well Hell

Just one of those days (or weeks actually). Saturday night the brakes went out on my venerable Dodge Van. No wreck caused by it fortunately, just a harrowing ride home and the missing of a get together with some friends in Lawrence. Got it into the shop today and it will cost $350 to fix. What's really frustrating is its all pretty much work I could do myself for less than half that, but I have no garage to work on it in and few tools.

Before the brakes blew I had also made a vet appointment for my dog, which hasn't seemed to be well for awhile now. Had to get him his shots and a general checkup, well the vet thinks he may have thyroid problem which meant another $50-60 worth of tests on top of the regular checkup fees for a whopping $110 in vet bills. He has gained a lot of weight and his hair hasn't grown back from when he was shaved this summer. Hey, maybe I have a thyroid problem too.

My money (or the money my wife allows me to actaully handle momentarily) never stays around long enough for me to develop a meaningful relationship with it.