Movie Going

I just got back from seeing the Two Towers. Seeing being the operative word, since thanks to a series of inconsiderate bastards I did not get to hear a great deal of the movie. It started with the two idiots behind me, they had a running commentary on everything, plus one of them had obviously seen the movie before since he said everything that was going to happen right before it did. After a half hour of this crap I had had enough. I stood up and told my wife I couldn't listen tho this crap for three hours and was going to find a seat without the running commentary. This did get them to shut of for a few minutes I hear, but not for long. I moved towards the back of the theatre which was better for a short time. Then a couple of punks a few seats over started talking loud and making all kinds of idiotic comments. I stewed for awhile, I'm trying to keep my temper under control, I've been in far too many fights in my time and my wife says she is sending me to anger management classes if I get into anymore. Fortunately right before I lost it for a second time a guy setting in front of me told them to shut up, and they did.

However there was still to be no peace, several times throughout the remainder of the movie cell phones rang or pagers went off. Some little bitch actually answered her cell phone and had a conversation.

I don't know what has happened, I don't know where common courtesy and consideration has gone, but they seem to have disappeared from our society. I would like to blame it all on the younger generation, but the idiots behind me at the beginning of the movie were my age or older.

Until we are allowed to start beating the hell out of these people they will never learn. I've had to beat the hell out of inconsiderate people before, and you know what, it works. They can learn to be quiet, hell some of them are down right polite after you've smashed through their car window and drug them out to beat them in the street. This is what it is going to take if we are ever going to have a world worth living in again. These insults to the gene pool will never respond to reason, superior force is the only way to make an impression on their tiny, malformed little brains.

All I know is I just spent about $30 and 4 hours of my time to be irritated through what could have been an enjoyable movie. If I can resist shouting heretic at the top of my lungs every time Peter Jackson tried to drive a stake through the memory of Tolkien (but thats another rant), these bastards can damn sure learn to turn off their cell phones and keep their mouths shut. None of them have ever had anything worth saying, trust me on this.

In the end I guess they will win though, I doubt I will set foot in a theatre again for a long time. Its just not worth the hassle. Between having to pay outrageous prices to sit through 20 minutes of commercials before the movie even starts and having to put up with an increasingly large amount of human debris I just don't see the point.