It was the first snow of the season last night. Only about a half inch, but it came down hard for awhile last night. I had to take Fergus, my oversized husky/collie mik out for a walk in it. He was born and raised in Maine and has never quite adjusted to the midwest climate. For that matter neither have I. I was born and raised in the Midwest, but I got to live in Maine for 3 years and I've not really gotten over leaving it.

The cold gets to me a bit more than it use too, but I still prefer cold weather to hot, and I love a good snow. It gets old having to shovel all the time, and driving in it can be rough, but I still loved New England Winters. Christmss felt like Christmas there, and the small town I lived in was really magical during the winter.

Not that I hate where I am now, family and old friends around, a decent job, its just the countryside isn't as spectacular, I just don't feel connected to the land like I did. For now, and the next several years at least I'm not going anywhere, but I still hold some hope that 5 years down the road I may end up back in some small New England Town.