Still Here

As my brother pointed out I need to quit playing Everquest and post something. Honestly not much worth mentioning has happened, I know that may be hard for many of you to believe, but its true.

I did just complete my Christmas Shopping. I actually thought I had it completed last week, however my wife asked me what I got for my parents:

Wife: So what did you get your parents for Christmas?
Me: Nothing.
Wife: Nothing, you have to get them something.
Me: No I don't, they said they didn't want anything.
Wife: But they are just saying that, their feelings will be hurt if you don't get them anything.
Me: No, thats your family, my family speaks honestly.
Wife: What did you just say?
Me: Nothing.
Wife: So what are you going to get them.
Me: Nothing.
Wife: But you have to get them something.
Me: But they said they didn't want anything.
Wife: That doesn't matter, you have to get them something.
Me: (Holding forhead in hands as Jedi Wife Trick takes control) You are right, these are not the droids I'm looking for. I will see what I can get from Circuit City.

And so it was I found myself going out into the madness that is last minute Christmas Shopping, something I carefully avoid when I am allowed to think for myself. Fortunately Circuit City has a feature they call express pickup. You order something online and they hold it for you at the pickup counter. You don't have to fight your way through the store or the checkout, just go to the front counter and pick up the goods and make a break for it. So I only had to deal with the morons on the road and in the parking lot, not the store itself, a small blessing, but I take what I can get.