WANC 33: Higher Resolutions

First WANC of 2009 We talk a lot about plans for the show. Much like we talk about losing weight, getting in shape, cleaning out the garage etc. Good things are just ahead, but don't hold your breath.

Intestinal infection, or a statement from Flannigan? Jason is brought low by c-diff colitis. Luckily I recovered before it came to this.

Bill and his wife both have iPod touches. Good touch, or Bad? Bill says good.

Bucking the iPod trend I got a Zune. Actually fairly happy with it. Through the power of Microsoft I'm now connected to The Social.

Bill is descending into the seedy world of podcasts, seen associating with suspects such as Comic Geek Speak and the notably shady Slice of Sci of Sci-Fi.

Dead Gentleman Productions does it agan with The Gamers II, Dorkness Rising. If you are an rpg gamer, you should see this movie.

We are still watching Dr. Who and Torchwood, surprise, surprise.