Tattoos on a Sasquatch

Ok, if anyone read the post for Wanc 2, or god forbid, listened to the podcast, then you may have caught brief mention that Doz is going to get the Snakes on a Plane Logo tattooed on his arm. That is correct, he is going to endeavor for the ultimate sign of fanboy devotion, the permanent branding of his Chewbacca like physique with a logo for a movie that will be lucky to last a week in the theatres. So how does he plug this selfless act of shameless self and WANC promotion? By a barely noticeable by-line in the show notes. Not even a big announcement on his blog.

This is big stuff and should be shouted from the virtual mountain tops across the fruited plain of the Internet;

“Snakes on a Plane, Tattoo on a Sasquatch...”

Now we run a certain risk here, in doing such promotion before we really have a podcast worth promoting, but what the hell. We only have a couple of months until the movie is out, Also Mike's MC Frontalot segment was well done and actually worth listening too, so maybe there is hope for us.

As a side note to that, an apology for the size of WANC 2. We recorded the first segment, then waited for Mike to get the interview to me to insert it. I had thought that it would be a 15-20 minute piece, but it was much longer. When I received the audio from him I discovered he had gone off on some 40 minute NPR like journey through the audioscape. We probably should have split it into two segments, but it was already very late and I was going to be unavailable to do any more edits for a bit so I just threw it out there as it was. In the future we will try to keep things under an hour. One hour should be more than enough time for us to get across our 3-5 minutes of actual content.

The tattoo will cost $200, which is a lot for an unemployed geek to come up with, so he is taking donations to cover the cost. I'll be putting up $50 to start things off, which means we only need $150 more, which means that if each of our listeners would donate $75 we would be there.