Flannigan Squeezes by to Victory

With nearly 1300% of the votes tallied, We Are Not Cool is happy to announce that they are declaring Flannigan the Colon Gnome as the New President of WANC. Though there were some amazing swings in the votes, in the end the plucky Gnome pulled ahead and defeated the closest competitor Doz by a single vote. The turnout was truly amazing. Even though the most recent episode of WANC only had sixteen listeners, over 200 votes were cast in the presidential race. While there are some grumblings of voter fraud and other shenanigans, it is believed that Flannigan's refusal to participate in negative campaigning may have turned the tide in his favor. Jason, who oversaw the voting has assured doubters that the voting was completely fair, honest and accurate, just like everything else on the Internet.

This is a historic moment in podcast history as it is the first time that a non-human has been elected president of a podcast. Not much is known of Flannigan's stand on major issues, though he has several times mentioned that banning the production of curry was high on his list of priorities for his first term in office.