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WANC 31: Wrath of the Tangents

WANCcastsmike4 Comments

This episode probably should have been sponsored by Adderall and Wiser's Whisky. Dedicated to listener Lady Umbra who allegedly completed 29 episodes in 3 days ... and anyone whose been drunk or had ADD. Entertainment

Science and Technology

  • LHC - and what it doesn't stand for
  • No black holes have formed inside the Earth ... that we know of
  • What the heck is a quench?
  • Cool cell phones are the love child of Star Trek and the Steve Job's loins.
  • Now approaching the limits of modern technology.
  • Tivo on pc
  • Middleman plug


  • Rockband 2 - yet another plug for Brad Sucks and MC Frontalot
  • Oboe Hero? Bagpipe Hero? Hammered Dulcimer Hero? (just another nod to Tullamore)
  • Black Box MMO's
  • Jason was right - Everquest largest subscription level 450,000
  • Champions Online
  • MMO's moving beyond games
  • Ideas for solving the problems in MMO's - AI's and user-generated content.

Tangents Upon Tangents

  • furries can be scary if they're not Alisa
  • Raise a glass to Michael the Ram
  • Brobdingnagian Bards broke up
  • Jason's daily audioblog
  • Wingin It Gone?
  • Evo @ 11
  • The Reggae Gospel Circumsision Song
  • We talk about how we never do skits anymore
  • Villainous Interuptus
  • Jason both plugging and discouraging you from listening to his audioblog
  • thanks again to Umbra
  • nod to Anne and the Anti-WANC
  • Are all these porn emails spam or directed marketing?
  • Headhunters ARE prestigious
  • Podcasting about podcasting
  • Future Attribute Screening Technologies (FAST) and other signs of our Orwellian future.
  • Jason Dozier was pulled over again having been mistaken for Jason Dozier.
  • obligatory easter egg