Wanc 30: Tropic Thunder

Mike and Jason discuss stuff before heading off for a Midnight Showing of Tropic Thunder. *Note: This is horribly late in getting out. It would have been really cool to release when Tropic Thunder was first out, but I seriously dropped the ball on it. What do you expect, its not like we're professionals or anything.

Promo: Skepticality

  • We've said it before, we'll say it again. The Middleman is made of awesome and is one of the best shows on TV.
  • Doctor Who, Also made of awesome.
  • NBC has many of its shows available online.
  • We wax nostalgic about the good ol' days of TechTV, before G$ shot it in the head to make room for more cleavage and fart jokes.
  • Morgan Webb from TechTV now does a 5 minute daily videocast called WebbAlert.
  • Castle Wolfenstein changed the landscape of computer gaming, now it may be coming to the big screen.
  • Tron was a groundbreaking movie in the early 80s, now after 26 years, we may get a sequel with Tron 2.0.
  • Not enough Heroes in your life, check out the Webisodes if you have nothing else to do with your sad existence.
  • Fringe, a new paranormal investigating secret agency show coming out in a few weeks. It's on Fox, don't get too attached to it.
  • Boston Legal is returning. Shatner's Bitch celebrates.
  • Potential Challenger to Google appears out of nowhere, Cuil, mediocre searches, but awesome PR. I'm rooting for them in case Google turns evil on us.
  • Cassini Probe finds lake of liquid Ethane on Saturn's Moon Titan. We also discuss lightning on Titan, but I find no source for this, so perhaps we were wrong.
  • Conspiracy theories abound as the White House is briefed on something Phoenix found on Mars. Announcements are supposed to be made soon, but I'm hearing nothing.
  • China promotes is image at the Olympics by replacing talented young singer with a cuter stand in.
  • Insulting, Sophomoric, Inappropriate, and Wrong. Tropic Thunder was everything we hoped and more.