Want to Help Out Some Authors?

Listening to podcasts is a big part of my life. I spend many hours a day listening to this free content and have actually had coversations with some of the podcasters. The awesome thing is that many of these podcasters are also authors and give the books they are writing or have written away as free podcasts. Hell some even give away a free PDF of the entire book! Tee Morris from TeeMorris .com is doing exactly that with his next novel and so is Phillipa Ballentine from Chasingthebard.com . They are doing this to promote...Well I'll let Tee explain that to you:

Award-nominated podcaster and Fantasy author Philippa Ballantine (of Dragon Moon's Chasing the Bard) and I are feverishly working on a new spin on an old promotion. Following in the footsteps of other podcast authors like Scott Sigler and Matthew Wayne Selznick, "Double Trouble" is the first time TWO authors are collaborating to get both their new books -- The Case of The Pitcher's Pendant: A Billibub Baddings Mystery and Digital Magic -- up the charts on Amazon.com, on the same day. Pip and I have been in the middle of a powerful media blitz and are not slowing down. This week we are offering up PDFs for downloading.  From our respective websites, we will be making available for download Digital Magic and The Case of the Pitcher's Pendant. The PDFs are the complete novels, and we're giving them away for free in order to promote "Double Trouble" coming on 08.08.08 on Amazon.com.

If you would like to offer up our works on your blog or podcast feeds, please feel free to put the following URLs into your feeds:




Thanks, everyone, for giving me a moment of your time, and we look forward to seeing you on 08.08.08!

Enjoy the Ride,

So If you could please help these two fine folks out, that would be awesome. You'll like their books and podcasts.

I appreciate it and so will they.