WANC 02: Wanc Trek

Well kiddies we decided to do it again taking it where no one really wants to go but they do. We even got our first donation from Anne the Fan...before the show was even posted...one of those went back in time before the event happens anomalies that happens in another Trek. Bill went to I-Con (nope he didn't get the book finished but he did get his chores done.)

Jason discusses ala carte TV channels because he doesn't like paisleys mixed in with his History Channel. Univision on a Saturday afternoon is Caliente .

Doctor Who available July 4th with more content less frickin' commercials.

Net Neutrality gets rejected.

Doz is getting a tattoo of the Snakes on a Plane logo because Bill said so. The tat will cost $200.No video but we can take pics.

You can donate here

Six-String Samurai: Buddy Kills mutants on a post-apocalyptic trip to Vegas to becaome the new King.

X-Men III took in a lot of money!

Mike reccommends The Specials

Doz reccomends The Venture Brothers

Jason reccomends (and stalks) Tullamore and Bob Reeder

Bill reccommends "____"

Mike's Interview with MC Frontalot