Raise a Cup for Joe

April 1st, a day known to most for pranks and jokes, a time to get one over on friends and colleagues, and to watch your back less they get you first. For many in the podcasting world the day has a much more somber meaning though, April 1st 2007 was the day Joe Murphy lost his battle with leiomyosarcoma cancer. There is a certain amount of irony there, because Joe was a man (or perhaps a large kid) with a great sense of humor, and I'm sure even he would get a chuckle out of the coincidental date of his passing. Joe was a regular on the Farpoint Media fleet of podcasts, Dragon Page, Slice of Sci-Fi, Wingint, The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas, and no doubt others I didn't catch. I always looked forward to hearing him, and he always made me laugh. All of us listeners got to follow the events of his diagnosis and the appalling speed with which it took him. He faced his fate with humor and a cheerfulness which spoke volumes about the character of the man.

So here on the anniversary of his death we at We Are Not Cool would like to take a moment to remember him and thank him for the laughter. We encourage everyone to donate the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund (see the link on the upper right of this page), and to visit the website to see what they are doing to help raise awareness about leiomyosarcoma.

Here is a tribute podcast, the memories of those that knew him best. Take a listen and raise a glass for good old Mason Rocket and Randy Innuendo.