WANC 20: Sucks To Be You

This week's WANC is semi-live from the Roach Motel. On this podcast we discuss:

We struggle to keep Doz conscious with shiny puppies while we discuss ...

Yes, Mike's hair is still pink ... though not this pink ...

mike with pink hair

  • LJ community for the pink hairs
  • Centaur Boys?
  • Footfucker 9000? Collect all four!
  • Sucks to be Richard Jeni
  • Mike expounds on the quantum theory of porn while Doz answers his phone ...
  • Wow! Boobs! Evo Terra!
  • Wasabi holder in your Kia?
  • Jason resists the siren call of the El Camino ...
  • Why the hell are we talking about horseshoes?!?
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Happy Anniversary to Doz's Tattoo
  • More helpful relationship advise from Jason: Don't tell your wife she looks like a dyke with a bowl cut on your anniversary ...
  • Mike married someone!
  • The Voicemail show is waiting for you! We dare you to fucking call!
  • We're not a podcast until Jarsto or Edmond calls us.
  • Tom Smith's Honey Glazed Ham