WANC 16: Christine Gambito Interview

Christine GambitoThis week, in addition to the gang's usuall nerdity, Mike gets to talk to a girl ... the talented, funny, and lovely Christine Gambito of Happy Slip

  • HeroesHeroes season finale spoilers and speculation
  • Mike training as a dental hygienist? ... Okay, not really ...
  • Jericho canceled ... Jason thinks post apocalyptic stories are cool.
  • Evil symbiotes are responsible for MySpace.
  • Hanzo McGuilicutty's ... fine purveyor of Japanese-Irish cuisine ...
  • Jason gets political.
  • Lord of the Flies reality TV
  • Finger StumpAn unusual segue.
  • You have to have your fingerprints taken to sell used CD's.
  • Congratulations Heather ... YOU'RE NUMBER TWO! YOU'RE NUMBER TWO! YOU'RE NUMBER TWO!
  • We're popular with the ladies? Whoda thunk ...