WANC 57: Not Cuddly

After being abandoned by the other WANCers, Mike and Jason go a rambling.

  • Despondent after spending all his money on green beer, a Leprechaun is killed after post St. Paddy's Day Bank Heist.
  • Dr. Yo Gabba Gabba will see you now.  Recommended for health, the BRAT diet and catchy music.
  • Uninformed Discussion of the Health Care Reform Bill, would you expect anything else from us?
  • Olivia Munn to appear in Iron Man 2.
  • Jason is underwhelmed with Alice in Wonderland.
  • Mike to host a Can't Stop the Serenity event June 16th in Lawrence, KS.
  • Another pointless Top 10 list on the Internet.  We fill obligated to point out how wrong it is, maybe we should get a life.
  • Somebody kind of famous may sort of be thinking about the possibility of maybe doing a TV series kind of based on the Sandman series, or another slow news day on the Internet.
  • The greasy underbelly of fansploitation, CuddleCons.
  • Spitzer Space Telescope: The Musical.
  • SCYFY sets out to create another crappy movie, but we will still watch RED because it stars Felicia Day.
  • Geeks go deep into debt to not get laid by Felicia Day.  Lunch and Staff auction raises over $10,000 for Charities.
  • Greenville, SC the latest city to make Desperate Ploy for Google's Attention.
  • Mike Attending Recruits in Lee Summits, MO again.  This time maybe even on the right weekend.
  • Great new MMORPG revolutionizes gaming.