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WANC 55: Sex Dongle

WANCcastsmike12 Comments

Here's the stuff:

  • Apple Announcement: Tablet (with a sex dongle?)
  • Doz's theory on cultural influence in the theater.
  • Cell Phone Talk
  • U.S. Version of Torchwood
  • Dollhouse
  • Jeff and Erin's Epic Wedding Trailer
  • Season 3 of The Guild coming out in February.
  • Pope encourages priests to be more web savvy.
  • Music DNA: innovative or meh?

Promo: Geek Label Radio

  • Symphony of Science
  • Aliens may not be friendly.
  • Cafe Cedar bellydancing
  • Jason's vacation from social media.
  • New version of Bejeweled Blitz
  • DC Universe Online
  • The City of Heroes Comic
  • Postapocalyptic MMO
  • Gamers raise money for Haiti relief.
  • iPhones - savin' lives and makin' babies
  • Cowboy Ninja Viking
US Version of Torchwood Jeff and Erin's Epic Wedding Trailer