WANC 54: Bearing it All

The We Are Not Cool Team kicks off 2010 with the help of the Bear Woman. Topics of discourse Include but are not limited to the following:

  • The North Texas Irish Festival, Jason will be in attendance to listen to Ed Miller, Great Big Sea, and of course, Tullamore.
  • Doz comments on the anatomy of Jason's Facebook Friend Heather Thornton (whom he incorrectly calls Amy Thornton on the podcast, not a very good friend apparently).   She is a local (KC Area) singer that Jason heard at Christmas Show at his favorite Mediterranean Restaurant, CafeCedar.
  • Convicts announce their plan to never become productive members of society by getting their eyes tattooed.
  • Social Media faces an assault from women (and men) posting the color of their bras to raise awareness of breast cance.   Facebook and Twitter both participate, LinkedIn, not so much.
  • The WANCers discuss the topics of Dark Matter and Dark Energy in a segment titled "We Are Not Physicists" .
  • William Shatner (better known as THE SHATNER), to host WWE Raw on February 1st.  Even Jason (better known as Shatner's Bitch) does not plan to watch unless THE SHATNER calls him and personally commands it.
  • We shallowly discuss some of the amazing medical advances of the last decade.
  • Jason Rants about a proposed statewide tobacco ban in KS.  Who needs rights and freedom when we have government?
  • Chuck returns, perhaps with enough ratings to stay afloat for awhile.
  • Mislabeled "Sex Robot" is touted in a desperate cry for attention.
  • Who knows who is more messed up in the case of the Orc Statue Love Triangle.
  • And of course, we talk about MMORPGs like WoW and The Realm.
  • Why you don't want to join a Raiding Guild in WoW.
  • Doz was on a quest for special toothpaste to relieve the itchy teeth of a fair damsel (I still don't understand any of that).