WANC 01: Oops We Did It Again

The first Official WANC cast. There are some audio issues with this episode, but we will have this worked out by the next episode. Fixed! Now everyone is moving in stereo!

In this episode we ramble on about:

Jason and Doz's night at O'Malley's seeing The Brobdingnagian Bards

Jason is stalking Tullamore

Bill talks about Stormtroopers in Kilts,and a deaf Superman who chases a mailman.

A hot Stormtrooper (at the bottom of the page) although some of you might think TD-0013 is hot.

Anne The Fan!

Star Trek Auction

Mike finally joins us after remembering we weren't on Gizmo.

Mike is going to see and interview nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot this weekend.

Ten Things I Hate About Commandments

Superman Returns.

X-Men The Last Stand.

Ghost Rider

And some more stuff.