WANC 13: Early Withdrawal From Daylight Savings

In this episode Jason and Mike struggle to remain coherent in the face of the recent Daylight Savings Time change. This episode also marks our shift to the new half hour(ish) format.

  • Today's Hosts: Jason, Mike (Doz is studying hard).
  • Jason tries to figure out who he is.
  • We discuss mission statements, codes of conduct, and other corporate "issues"
  • Applying particle physics in medicine.
  • Antimatter Kirk destroys the universe? Anyone?
  • "He melted my Cheerios"
  • WasabiToxic spill in space ... of Wasabi?
  • Mike likes curry a bit too much.
  • We talk about the Grayson fan film ... Is Robin the Wesley Crusher of the DC Universe?
  • Which leads us into a discussion of ...
  • and ...
  • ... complete with spoilers and speculation.
  • Full frontal Donald Sutherland? God I hope not.
  • Mike will be at Recruits March 31st / April 1st.